A bit about me

I've loved to draw and paint since I was a kid, I've never wanted to do anything else besides create art ( except for a brief stint of wanting to be a Shamu trainer at Seaworld). I love every medium; ceramics, painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, fiber arts, etc. Galleries can be wondrous places with wonderful surprises and discoveries, I urge you to seek out more of your local galleries and when you're traveling too. 

I love the literally infinite possibilities there are with a blank canvas or piece of paper. The ability to turn nothing into something and anything is exciting and kind of magical. 

I've lived all my life in Phoenix, Arizona and received by Bachelor of Arts Degree from Northern Arizona University in 2015. Lots of people ask me where I get my inspiration, and the answer is anywhere and everywhere. Of course nature and color are a huge part of it, as you can probably tell from looking at my work.

I hope my work can bring you happiness as it does me. The world would be pretty dull without the many forms of art that we have.